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99.99% uptime

With web hosting services having reliable service is key, at Uptime Solutions all of our services are covered by a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

money back

As standard, Belgium law affords customers a 3 day 'cooling off period' where a purchase may be cancelled.  offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our hosting accounts.

24/7 support

We provide 24/7 Belgium support 365 days a year and aim to handle all your web hosting queries within minutes. We're proud to have some of the quickest support response rates in the web hosting industry.

Reseller Hosting

reseller hostingLinux was once the king penguin of the web hosting world. While the Linux web hosting platform is still the most popular, it has decreased greatly because of the emergence of Windows. "Linux hosting" really covers hundreds of different flavors of Linux and Unix variants such as FreeBSD. Linux offers several benefits over Windows including:

  • * Cost. For web hosts, Linux is free, which is a wee bit cheaper than Windows, and they are able to pass those savings on to you so you pay a smaller payment.
  • * Diverse scripting language support. Whether you need PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, or Python, a Linux web hosting platform will usually support them all by default.
Linux disadvantages include:
  • * ASP and .NET support. While there is software like Chilisoft ASP and Apache::ASP at enables ASP on Linux machines, it is far less common to find a Linux web hosting platform that supports ASP or .NET.

Starting From
6 .99 Euro Monthly
  • Disk space                  512 MB
  • Bandwidth                 5 GB
  • MySQL Databases    1
  • Email Accounts         1
  • FTP Accounts             1
  • Subdomain                 1
  • Park Domain              1
  • Addon Domain          1
  • Control Panel             Cpanel
  • OS                                 CloudLinux
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Starting From
9 .99 Euro Monthly
  • Disk space                  1 GB
  • Bandwidth                 10 GB
  • MySQL Databases    5
  • Email Accounts         5
  • FTP Accounts             5
  • Subdomain                 5
  • Park Domain              5
  • Addon Domain          2
  • Control Panel             Cpanel
  • OS                                 CloudLinux
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Starting From
$ 17 .99 Euro Monthly
  • Disk space                  3 GB
  • Bandwidth                 20 GB
  • MySQL Databases    10
  • Email Accounts         10
  • FTP Accounts             10
  • Subdomain                 10
  • Park Domain              10
  • Addon Domain          4
  • Control Panel             Cpanel
  • OS                                 CloudLinux
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Starting From
$ 27 .99 Euro Monthly
  • Disk space                  5 GB
  • Bandwidth                 50 GB
  • MySQL Databases    20
  • Email Accounts         Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts             20
  • Subdomain                 20
  • Park Domain              20
  • Addon Domain          8
  • Control Panel             Cpanel
  • OS                                 CloudLinux
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Scripting Support

We provide the latest scripting support enabling feature rich websites and interactivity. PHP/JSP/CGI/Perl/Ruby.

Frontpage Support

All our hosting accounts have support for Microsoft Office FrontPage Extensions.

Virus & Spam Assassin

Email scanning for spam & viruses before it even reaches your inbox!



MySQL Database Support

Support for one MySQL databases which can be administrated remotely or locally using phpMyAdmin.

Graphical Web Statistics

AWstats and Webalizer provide you with the essential statistics for your website.

Script Installer

Easily install a vast range of open-source web applications via Fantastico/Application Vault.